Tiny Homes Working Group ‘Going in the Right Direction’

By Deron Hamel

A member of the Brantford Tiny Homes Working Circle summarized the Jan. 25 gathering with sentiments that were echoed by others attending.

“We’re going in the right direction.”

The latest working circle was largely a continuation of the Jan. 11 meeting and, as with the previous working circle, new participants were on hand to learn about the project to create a tiny-home community in Brantford.

“I’m super glad there’s a working group for tiny homes.”

Participants noted how the addition of new faces signalled growing interest in the project and demonstrated the value the group is bringing to the community.

One of the new participants, who works in the social-services sector, offered to provide help if needed to find financing.

The other new participant had attended a summit from two years ago and wanted to learn more about the work the group is involved with and said they were pleased to see citizens working together to create community housing.

“I’m super glad there’s a working group for tiny homes.”

Returning participants shared the work they’ve been doing preparing grant proposals as well as looking into social finance options to help fund the build of a tiny-home community in Brantford.

One member has connected with a consultant specializing in maximizing the functionality of communities who has offered to provide an hour of free services to the group to share ideas to help make a tiny-home community viable.

Finally, participants reiterated interest in hosting another tiny homes summit in the coming weeks that was expressed at the last working circle.

The growing participation in working circles, coupled with the connections being made and goals being met, is certainly a strong indicator that the tiny homes project is moving at a quick and steady pace.

And, as has already been noted, in the right direction.


Get Involved!

If you have interest in joining this tiny home project, experience in building them, funds, or spaces to offer or help access, or if you simply wish to know more, please contact Jocelyn at jocelynbirkes@clbrant.com.


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If you are person with direct experience with precarious housing and/or homelessness, a builder, a property owner, or work for financial institution, a foundation, or non-profit you have something to offer. We’d love it if you take a few minutes to share your answers to these questions.


Lead image: Graphic reflections from the Jan. 25 Tiny Homes Working Circle sketched live during the gathering by Yvonne Hollandy. Click on the image to view the full graphic.


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