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Community Involvement

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  • Participate in sports, recreation and leisure activities
  • Attend club groups
  • Attend local community events
  • Go on out-of-town getaways and day trips


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  • Support to attend education or literacy programs: (Community Living Brant Literacy programs, Community Living Brant G1 Driver Preparation course)
  • Classes offered through community agencies or local school boards (computer, educational courses) and supports to attend these classes

Note: You cannot use Passport funding for tuition that is covered by a government student assistance program (e.g., OSAP) or supports that are available through an on-campus special needs office.

Employment/ Volunteering


  • Community Living Brant can assist you with job preparation, support with on-the-job training and to act as your job coach at work
  • We can provide support to assist you in finding and maintaining volunteer work in your community

Person Directed Planning


  • Community Living Brant can help you to develop a person-directed plan that builds on your strengths and interests and identifies the support needed to achieve your goals. Getting help to manage human resources (e.g., direct support staff scheduling, job ad development, applicant screening) and financial/reporting requirements associated with managing direct funding.

Note: You can use up to 10% of your total Passport Funding for these expenses.

Respite (in or out of home)

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  • Respite may be important to you and your family
  • Community Living Brant can help to create in home or out of home respite support options
  • Contact us to develop a respite plan to meet your individual needs and supports requirements

Note: Passport funding cannot be used to pay for expenses that are not directly related to supporting the individual with the developmental disability (e.g., care for other children in the home, housekeeping, property maintenance, etc.,) unless: You have extenuating circumstances (e.g., a change in situation where your caregiver must also take over the support worker role temporarily) and advance approval from your Passport agency.

Details of what your support costs:The rate to purchase services with your Passport funding is $40.00* per hour for 1:1 support.Rates for sharing a support staff, group activities, 24-hour respite, etc., can be negotiated based on your individual situation, support requirements and the activities that will be pursued. What is included in the billing amount?

  • Advertising, screening, hiring, orientation of worker(s)
  • Salary, benefits, WSIB, EI, CPP and Employer Heath Tax coverage for worker(s)
  • Legislated training, such as First Aid, CPR, Health & Safety, Behavior Intervention Strategies (i.e. Safety Care, NVCI), Quality Assurance Measures, etc., as well as ongoing agency training and development
  • Payment to staff providing Passport support and billing of the Passport Administration Agency
  • Mileage up to 30 km round trip
  • Community Living Brant can offer administration for your Passport funding.

Community Living Brant offers a broad range of services that are person focused, as well as a large qualified team of staff ready to support you and your family with your Passport Funding. Contact us today!

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