Tiny Homes Working Circle Takes Another Step Towards First Build

By Deron Hamel

During last Wednesday’s Tiny Homes Working Circle, there was a feeling among the group that another step was taken towards tiny-home builds becoming a reality in Brantford.

This optimism springs from several participants returning with a better understanding of what a tiny-home community might look like and how we can connect with those interested in a tiny home in order to get their valuable input.

One participant met with representatives from the City of Brantford’s planning department to inquire about zoning regulations in a neighbourhood scoped out for a possible tiny-home project.

We learned that zoning in this neighbourhood allows for tiny homes, provided they are attached to existing houses and are a minimum of 600 square feet and include at least two bedrooms.

We also learned that minor variances might be granted to allow for more flexibility.

Word is that the department is reviewing five other properties for tiny-home suitability, so that’s exciting news.

But there are still questions we need answered such as who will a tiny home pilot project be built to accommodate: a single person? A family? A couple?

“This will be helpful in terms of deciding who gets (a tiny home) and what should be tested first,” one participant pointed out.

For that, we will need to look to potential tiny-home dwellers to learn who they are and what they would need.

Luckily, another Working Circle participant has connected with someone who is “in tune” with the housing crisis.

This individual has interviewed people experiencing homelessness in Toronto and is ready to help potential tiny-home residents in Brantford share their stories so we can understand how to better move the project forward. We are looking forward to them joining the Working Circle in the new year.

Looking ahead, we are also interested in hearing from any and all community members interested in being part of birthing a tiny-home community here. We will be sending out invites for people to share their stories and insights with us, so please stay tuned.


Share Your Story

If you are person with direct experience with precarious housing and/or homelessness, a builder, a property owner, or work for financial institution, a foundation, or non-profit you have something to offer. We’d love it if you take a few minutes to share your answers to these questions.


Lead image: Graphic reflections from the Dec. 14 Tiny Homes Working Circle sketched live during the gathering by Yvonne Hollandy. Click on the image to view the full graphic.


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