Superstar Delivery Guy: How One Man’s Volunteerism Led to a New Friendship

By Maichina Veri

Stephen Lalonde is a kind and giving man.

Heading into a school.A steadfast volunteer for Child Hunger Brantford (CHB), Stephen makes two trips a week to deliver lunches to five elementary schools between September and June.

During summer, he continues his work by bringing groceries to 13 families every Thursday.

Although a shy guy, Stephen smiles proudly when conversation flows about his volunteerism.

Having tried his hand making meals with CHB, Stephen says he much prefers the outreach aspect of volunteering.

Stephen is engaged and making connections with the folks he meets through this outreach, from pickup to drop off.

In the mornings, he meets Dawn, the co-ordinator of CHB, and then collects the food he will deliver to grateful and smiling faces throughout the community.

One particularly happy face Stephen likes to see is Karen, a secretary at Christ the King School.

Karen has been there to greet Stephen when he arrives with lunches for the students and, over time, the two have built a natural and genuine friendship.

The two always seem to find some time in their day to chat about the Toronto Blue Jays or trains, or even just hold quiet space for friendly connection.

Karen has made a positive impact on Stephen’s life. He’s eager to volunteer and looks forward to making his first delivery of the day to Christ the King School.

Towards the end of the last school year, Karen gifted Stephen a treasured shirt that reads, “Superstar Delivery Guy.”

While Stephen is keeping busy with his grocery deliveries, he’s looking forward to September and resuming his school deliveries — and we’re sure Karen is looking forward to that, too.


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