Siblings Step In To Provide Brother Supports Their Parents Once Gave 

By Deron Hamel

Peter Miklos is enjoying life to the fullest with the help of supports he’s receiving from his siblings. It has been a family effort that has put to rest concerns Peter’s parents had about who would help care for him after they were gone.

Peter comes from a large family. At 54, he’s the youngest. Peter lives independently, and his parents, Jim and Marg, would regularly visit him, either at Peter’s home or at their house every week.

Marg would ensure Peter was eating well and would prepare his favourite meals. When Peter broke his ankle and needed to spend time recuperating in hospital, Marg was there for him every day, knowing how much he needed her support.

If a visit is not possible, Peter’s siblings will call to check in and make sure he’s doing well and has everything he needs.

But who would do these things for Peter after his parents were gone? It was a question that caused anxiety for Jim and Marg.

After all, their other children had busy lives, and the couple grew concerned Peter’s siblings would not be able to be there for Peter if needed. Marg, her children note, would often get emotional talking about this.

Then Jim passed away in 2019. Marg passed in 2021.

With both parents gone, Jim and Marg’s children have come together to provide the supports for Peter his parents once did, and Peter is thriving because of their help.

Peter’s brother Tom and sister Carole have replaced the weekly visits Jim and Marg provided, and all the siblings are pitching in to support Peter.

Peter’s other siblings — Jim Jr., Gerry and Bob — also visit Peter as often as they can. Another sister, Maureen, passed away in 2021, but her husband, John, as well as his nieces and nephews, send Peter cards during special occasions.

Carole and Tom pick Peter up at least once a week for lunch. When the weather is nice, they go for a long drive and will walk trails.

If a visit is not possible, Peter’s siblings will call to check in and make sure he’s doing well and has everything he needs.

And of course, there’s always the friendly teasing that exists between siblings, Tom notes.

“I will tell him, ‘you might be the youngest, but I’m the cutest.’ ”


Lead photo cutline: Peter and Tom, doing what brothers do.


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