Pulling Pumpkins and Preparing for The Pause

Editor’s note: Every Monday members of the Community Living Brant Narrative Arts Circle share what we are noticing and appreciate in our community. We feel it is important to stop and be present to the little things that matter. These are our noticings …


I have been taking some trainings and I have been noticing just how much our interactions are impacted by how we are doing emotionally. In a time where we are influenced to be so reactive, many teachers have been reminding me how important the pause is. The pause has been helping me before I start my day, before I start a project, before an interaction of any kind, but particularly before a challenging one. I am a passionate person and the pause is a challenge when I am in the middle of anything. It turns out that is when it is most helpful for me but also for those I am interacting with. I started to notice how some people are so natural and practiced at doing it all the time. Checking in with ourselves and others can be so helpful to make sure we are fully understanding each other can avoid so many misunderstandings. It has helped me to really see other perspectives when they are different from mine and that is when I learn and grow. As the leaves fall and nature is preparing for its pause, I too, will try to build my practice of pausing.

— Tara Buchanan

I’m noticing this week that spirits are rising. The leaves are falling and we’re pulling on our favourite knit sweaters to embrace the chill. Pumpkins are beginning to be pulled from the big bins at the front of the grocery store into carts, and onto front porches cut with special designs. The cheer of fall was taken from us in some cold rainy days of the season, but they only make the sun shine so much brighter when it has the chance. There are days where it rains and I wrap myself in a blanket in the evening cold, and there are days that I go for a walk to embrace the season. There is good in both.

— Nadine Simonffy


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