Photography Group is Helping Create a Stronger Brantford

By Deron Hamel

Brantford citizens with a keen interest in photography are sharing their skills and talents with each other and across the community, thanks to their involvement with the Brantford/Brant County Photo Club.

And club member Adam Tipler is crediting the Belonging Brant initiative for making the project possible and for supporting the group by sharing the photo club’s work across social media platforms.

He says he would like to see this continue.

“(A permanent Belonging Brant) would add to the growth of the community in getting people to get together.”

“Belonging Brant has been a great partner in sharing posts for the Brantford/Brant County Photo Club,” Adam says.

Belonging Brant is a Trillium Foundation-funded initiative that supports citizen-led groups and projects across Brantford and Brant County.

The Brantford/Brant County Photo Club is one of the many citizen-led groups that has been created through the Belonging Brant Initiative.

The club meets regularly, and anyone with an interest in photography — no matter their skill level — is welcome to join.

All photos supplied by Adam Tipler.

Based on the positive contributions he has seen Belonging Brant make, Adam says he would like to see the initiative become a “full-time and permanent addition to our community.”

Given the momentum that has sprung from Belonging Brant, Adam says he thinks the initiative has potential to engage more people and grow.

“(A permanent Belonging Brant) would add to the growth of the community in getting people to get together,” he says, adding the results could also bring about “a friendlier community for even more people to be able to get to know each other and the community at large.”

Adam says to keep Belonging Brant successful he believes there will need to be continued community involvement and continued funding.

He says he’s willing to work with Belonging Brant to help promote the Brantford/Brant County Photo Club and other citizen-led initiatives in the community.

He also says the Belonging Brant initiative is an important vehicle to simply bring people together with shared interests and a desire to create stronger communities across Brant County.

“I think Belonging Brant is a great addition for the community in promoting friendly public engagement and a great place for people to be able to get to know each other.”


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