Noticing the Power of Noticing People’s Gifts

Editor’s note: Every Monday members of the Community Living Brant Narrative Arts Circle share what we are noticing and appreciate in our community. We feel it is important to stop and be present to the little things that matter. These are our noticings …


Some highlights of my week include situations where people who might be considered outsiders or people who are different, possibly awkward or not an easy fit for the situation, are being welcomed in and clothed with acceptance by the acknowledgement of their gifts. This was all thanks to someone who has taken the time to notice and pay attention to someone’s gifts. Then in an act of community building and hospitality they share and acknowledge that other persons gift so others might know.

Others who were uncertain about how to interact with the “stranger” were at ease in knowing how they might engage. A sense of ease fell into the space, making way for hospitality and hopes for the next chance to meet. The outcome was inclusion, first steps in creating a better community.

— Rishia Burke


“To pay attention is our endless and proper work.” — Mary Oliver


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