Belonging Brant is Building Stronger Communities – And Additional Support Can Take Things Further

The following story is based on responses from a survey asking people involved with Belonging Brant about why the initiative is important to them.

By Deron Hamel

Kevin Noseworthy says his favourite aspect of the Belonging Brant initiative is seeing the support the project’s members provide people with to help them connect with others and form new friendships and partnerships aimed at building stronger communities.

Kevin, who works with Community Living Brant, one of the organizations involved with Belonging Brant, adds that the project is important because of the results it achieves.

Through Belonging Brant, we have seen the formation of an initiative to build tiny homes in Brantford to address the housing crisis, as well as support for initiatives like the Elders’ Legacy Project, which creates opportunities for seniors to share their stories to help them feel more connected to the community.

“(Belonging Brant) helps people acquire resources and direction to take an idea and bring it to fruition.”

“Belonging Brant is important to me as it helps develop new ideas and share resources while helping people develop new skill sets, share interests (and) develop socialization,” Kevin says.

“It helps people acquire resources and direction to take an idea and bring it to fruition.”

Funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Belonging Brant is dedicated to creating connections and building relationships across Brantford and Brant County to help people contribute to their community in a meaningful way.

The project, which creates and encourages citizen-led initiatives, is particularly focused on creating opportunities for human connection and decreasing the isolation faced by so many in the community.

Looking ahead, Kevin cites five areas he says additional support and funding could help Belonging Brant create future community growth:

  1. Increasing volunteerism
  2. Helping the community create new groups
  3. Expanding existing groups to take the next step to make business ventures possible
  4. Belonging Brant can become a community centre to help showcase all cultures and beliefs
  5. Belonging Brant can be a resource centre open to groups to access meeting space and office equipment and much more

Kevin says if these changes happened, there would be more opportunities for special events and community projects to come to fruition in Brant County.

“The above actions would support all age groups and cultural groups work together and develop a better understanding and appreciation of our traditions,” he says.

This story is one in a series about people who have valued the role Belonging Brant has played in their lives and the possibilities they imagine for its future. For additional reflections from community members visit:


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What If Belonging Brant Became a Lasting Community Beacon?

Belonging Brant is already a light in our community. It is the place to be. With three years under our belt and our initial funding coming to an end this October, we have the opportunity to fashion our future anew. We’d love to hear what you’ve loved about Belonging Brant, what you’d like for it to become, and what you might like to do to make that dream come true. Consider taking a few minutes to share your answers to these questions.


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