As the Days Grow Colder, Community is Growing Warmer

Editor’s note: Every Monday members of the Community Living Brant Narrative Arts Circle share what we are noticing and appreciate in our community. We feel it is important to stop and be present to the little things that matter. These are our noticings …


With the days getting colder, I’m noticing more and more, the desire for things that make people feel warm. I’m noticing that people are craving things that not only give them energy, but give them that gooey, warm, cozy feeling. People are looking for safe and open spaces, with opportunity for connection that triumphs the bite of cold weather. Just this week we met for a community art project, set on a nearby bridge, for a long day of painting. People showed up and contributed, regardless of chilly weather, because the feeling they got from being a part of the project made them feel warm enough.

— Jenna Nieman

As more events are being planned throughout the city, more people are feeling more confident to come out and join! To meet new people and experience new things. People are looking for things to do, that are outside of the home, with real people. At an event a bunch of community members and hosts took the time to connect with each booth and each group. They laughed together and tried out new things!

— Jocelyn Birkes

In the quaint little town of Paris, Ontario I have noticed that people are going back to some traditional ways of life. There has been a resurgence in jogging groups with a wider group of people in attendance and for every jogger in town there are 10 more walkers on our sidewalks. Young families, seniors and multi-generational families are all taking time to exercise and explore their neighbourhoods. Small groups of car enthusiasts are meeting up at car shows or cruise nights to safely gather outside and showcase their love of vehicles. Outdoor sports are really trending, a perfect example is the unveiling of a new pickleball court in the new Dawdy Park.

— Kevin Noseworthy


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