Community Living Brant is very pleased to announce that they have been recommended for a four (4) year Person-Centred Excellence® Accreditation through The Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL), a recognized international leader in defining and  measuring quality of life for people with disabilities and in those organizations who support them.

Although Accreditation is not yet mandatory in Ontario, Community Living Brant chooses to have an independent body measure the quality of its support because they want to continually enhance their services. The Accreditation process conducted November 16-20, 2015, provided Community Living Brant the opportunity to review and assess supports provided through Person-Centred Excellence and the impact of these supports on the personal quality of life of the people receiving them. The Accreditation also brought together employees, people receiving supports and their families,  community supporters and Board members for strategic thinking, interactive dialogue, debate and action planning. Community Living Brant concluded the 5-day onsite review with organization-wide strategic directions, “The What Really Matters Plan”, which identifies resources, timeframe for implementation and measures of accomplishment over the next 4 years.  The three directions chosen are:

  1. Community Connections
  2. Supports and Services
  3. Emerging Practices in Individualized Budgets

The commitment to these strategic directions formulates our agreement with CQL to meet the required validation over the 4-year term.

In 2015, Community Living Brant entered their 63rd year of providing quality support and services to people with developmental disabilities utilizing The Council on Quality and Leadership’s Personal Outcome Measures, Basic Assurances and Shared Values. Accreditation is one of many processes that confirms Community Living Brant’s commitment to further enhance the quality of life for people supported and organization-based planning.

Executive Director, Janet Reansbury, extended her sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who has made a difference in the lives of people!


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