Community Living Brant was honoured to have Michael Kendrick teach his intensive Optimal Individual Service Design course for our community.  Michael has conducted this training over 50 times around the world.   This was a fabulous learning opportunity in understanding how to change our view of what services and supports can look like for people in order for them to have full, rich live.   Participant had a combination of learning and practical experience.   Staff teams working very closely with a person receiving supports and their natural support network to develop an individual proposal.   As well, Michael Kendrick brought expertise from other agencies to share their learning and experiences in changing how they delivered services.  Our guests included: Susan Stanfield from Spectrum Society for Community Living in Vancouver, Mary Kealy previous CEO of Clare Services, Ireland and Janet Klees formerly of the family-governed Deohaeko Support Network  in Pickering.   The two weeks of training was an exceptional learning opportunity for our whole community!

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