We, at Dunn Enterprise, have been assisting the “Merry Mat Makers” of Harmony United Church to make sleeping mats out of milk bags for children in Third world countries.  We are helping the ladies by laying the bags flat and cutting them in three places to create thick strips that are next looped into long chain. These chains are weaved on large custom wooden frames on legs. The frames have nails to help hold the mat in place it is weaved. The ladies meet once a week and work on these. The Merry Mat Makers were so happy to have our help they sent a thank you letter and some cookies to share. The cutting and smoothing of the milk bags take a considerable amount of time and patience.  It is very helpful to have this process done for the ladies so they can produce more mats. We hope in the future we can have some people volunteer for other steps of the process. So far we have delivered two large shipments of cut milk bags and are looking forward to completing the 3rdbatch. It takes approximately 500 milk bags to make one sleeping mat. That is 1000 of our strips. We have a completed mat on display in the workshop and a bulletin board with some more information. Clean & flattened milk bag donations are appreciated.

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