If you’d like to ask a question that makes people think, try “what does belonging feel like to you?”

We’re often asked to connect with one another based on our gaps or lacks—from dating apps to community development surveys, prompts like “what are your pet peeves?”, “what needs to be improved in your community?”, “I’m actually legitimately bad at…” or “what’s wrong?” feel like familiar ways to begin determining our commonalities.

Our new Ontario Trillium Grant funded project, called Belonging Brant, wants to connect with community through their assets, gifts, and sense of wonder, with the hope of building communities where we all belong. Key to this process is understanding what belonging feels like, especially in moments when asking that question feels funny, striking, or odd.

We’ve heard many responses to the question, and documented a few in the first episode of our Belonging Brant Podcast (Click Here), which is a vehicle for story sharing that will be releasing content every month throughout the three-year project.

Connecting with community around a sense of belonging, flows into conversations about personal gifts and interests. Inspired by Befriend, a project based out of Perth Australia, Belonging Brant’s goal is to incite the creation of community groups around common interests—whether that be taking photos of cars, storytelling, knitting mittens, guerilla community landscaping, or DIY spoon jewellery making (the sky is the limit!). The concept is simple, hosting and joining groups sparks small networks of community into existence and inspires belonging to grow.

Any Brantford-Brant citizen can start a group, and any Brantford-Brant citizen can be a part of a group.

Follow us on Facebook (link here: https://www.facebook.com/BelongingBrant)

and Instagram (handle: @BelongingBrant) to keep up-to-date with all of the new groups that are forming—we’d love you to join (or start!) one.

For more information contact: belongingbrant@gmail.com

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