Meet Brandon and learn about one of his passions, archery. Watch his video and then read his amazing update.

“Initially, when I was introduced to the sport of archery I thought it would be a great hobby to get into and learn more about. The more I practiced, the more I enjoyed it. This led me to join a weekly men’s archery league where I quickly became connected with some of the other employees at Trigger’s and Bows. One of these employees was able to recognize my skills and talents as an archer and offered me a training position as a youth instructor. From February to September, I fell naturally into the instructor training role and gained even more skill and knowledge while accumulating my training hours. Come September my hard work had paid off and I was offered an employment position at Triggers and Bows as a youth league instructor. I am very proud to have accomplished my goal and even more excited that I am getting paid to do something I love.”   – Brandon


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