On September 25th, we were thrilled to announce to you that the CQL Reviewers had completed their Accreditation review of Community Living Brant and that we had achieved another “4-Year Person-Centered Excellence Accreditation” with CQL.

The dedicated, good work and belief in the people we support resulted in us having:

  • “All” 46 Indicators required to be present in the 10 Basic Assurance Factors;
  • “Excellent” Personal Outcome Measures data; and
  • “Amazing” Supports and Services for people.

The stakeholders involved selected the following 3 Factors from the 8 Person-Centered Excellence Factors to be our new Strategic Plan for the next 4 years.  They analyzed “What is Working Well”, “Our Goals”, and “What We Would Like To Change”.

Strategic Plan – 3 Factors to focus on over the next 4 years:

Factor 2: Person-Centered Planning

Factor 4: Community Connection

Factor 5: Workforce

Please click here for all the detailed information on our strategic plan.

See the pictures below!


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