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    Accreditation 2020: Strategic Plan

    On September 25th, we were thrilled to announce to you that the CQL Reviewers had completed their Accreditation review of Community Living Brant and that we had achieved another “4-Year Person-Centered Excellence Accreditation” with CQL.

    The dedicated, good work and belief in the people we support resulted in us having:

    • “All” 46 Indicators required to be present in the 10 Basic Assurance Factors;
    • “Excellent” Personal Outcome Measures data; and
    • “Amazing” Supports and Services for people.

    The stakeholders involved selected the following 3 Factors from the 8 Person-Centered Excellence Factors to be our new Strategic Plan for the next 4 years.  They analyzed “What is Working Well”, “Our Goals”, and “What We Would Like To Change”.

    Strategic Plan – 3 Factors to focus on over the next 4 years:

    Factor 2: Person-Centered Planning

    Factor 4: Community Connection

    Factor 5: Workforce

    Please click here for all the detailed information on our strategic plan.

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