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    • 05 OCT 17
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    We Are All Gifted: Using Gifts in Helping Professions

    Community Living Brant welcomed Bruce Anderson from the Core Gift institute on September 11,12 & 13th to work with staff, Board of Directors and families to learn more about the foundational understanding of gifts. Bruce  is a  recognized speaker, community activist, and leadership coach. Co-founding Community Activators in 1990, he collaborated with other groups and developed extensive training and action-based materials about how to identify and use gifts


    Bruce taught us that our gifts are our most valued assets.   When they are acknowledged and used we feel both valued and respected because gifts are connected to our deepest sense of purpose.    We learned that a strength is not simply a strength—it is a skill, a talent, or a gift.  Understanding each person’s  talents and gifts gives deep insight into how to create opportunities for a person to be welcomed and included in community places of his/her choice.

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