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Providing support & services to meet the diverse developmental needs of people within our community

There are a number of ways you can “get involved” with Community Living Brant…


Board of Directors: The Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers elected by the membership. A nominations committee actively seeks interested people with various expertise and life experience to maintain a dynamic Board.


Coming Events: Volunteers can also assist us with fundraising events. These are annual events that require less of a commitment, but one that is more focused for the day of event. Some of our events include: Circle of Friends Golf Tournament and Curling Bonspiel.


Donate:  There are many ways you can help. Click here to learn more.


Supports and Services: A variety of volunteer opportunities exist to support people with disabilities, be active members of their community. They can become involved with people with disabilities through partnerships in a host of community volunteer opportunities.


Employment Opportunities: Employment opportunities are posted here when available.

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