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     Welcome to LifeShare (formally Associate Family)

    What is LifeShare?

    Through LifeShare, Ontario families and citizens (home providers) can offer a safe and nurturing environment for adults with developmental disabilities (home sharers).

    LifeShare (also known as host family) is so much more than providing a room in your home. Being a home provider means you’re giving someone with a developmental disability “a place in your heart, a place in your home.”

    People with developmental disabilities are active participants in their communities. They can be athletes, artists, employees, advocates, community volunteers, neighbours and friends. They’re an important part of the community and contribute to the strength of our province.

    LifeShare helps adults with developmental disabilities, who are 18 and older, live as independently as possible in their communities.


    If you are interested in becoming a LifeShare Provider or living with a LifeShare Provider through Community Living Brant, click here for more information.

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